Should I Install a Metal Roof on My Rental Property

Should I Install A Metal Roof On My Rental Property?

Does your rental property need a new roof? Are you thinking of installing a metal roof on your rental property? You should know that when you purchase residential metal roofing, you are going to pay a lot extra. These extra costs are partly due to the professional installation that requires special equipment and expertise and partly because the material is more expensive. Even the range of metal roofs can vary though and not all roofers will offer the same options in metal roofs, so before you make your decision, you should know your options.

Steel roofs alone have more than one option, just within this category. For example, you could get a galvanized steel or galvalume steed room or a standing seam steel room. Some metal roofs are even better in quality and durability than steel. Aluminum is a step and and provides more durability against corrosion than steel which can be important near coastal areas. A step up from aluminum is a zinc roof. A step up from zinc is copper. You can pay upwards of $14 per square foot for a copper roof before even paying installation fees. If you are one of our clients living in Tennessee, you should also consider that the cost of labor is lower in many parts of the state than the national average estimates, so you might be able to afford a metal roof even if you didn’t think you had the funds. If you are one of our hard money loan clients living on the coast, you might consider metal roofs simply for how well they stand up against hurricane-force winds compared to asphalt.

Another consideration for whether you should install a metal roof on your rental unit is the longevity. A metal roof will easily last three to five decades, whereas even a properly installed asphalt room shouldn’t make it past two decades. Plus, a metal roof adds significant value to the home. The ROI of a metal roof is right around 90 percent, so that’s a pretty significant return.

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