Know The Signs Of A Problematic Foundation

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If you’ve decided to invest in real estate, you can save yourself a lot of time by recognizing signs of foundation damage right away.  Keep in mind, if you find only minor problems, it might still be worth hiring a professional evaluation, rather than just walking away from the investment property. Every little foundation issue doesn’t mean that you have to walk away from the deal. With experience, you’ll learn to recognize which homes to walk away from and which warrant the cost of a closer inspection.

Foundation cracks and floor cracks should be investigated further. Likewise, look for wall fissures and broken chimneys. These can both indicate a problem with the foundation. During the first two to three years after a structure is build, sinking is common. Tiny cracks approximately 1/16″ thick are extremely common.  But if you find horizontal cracks in the concrete block walls or brick exteriors, you might have a problem. Horizontal cracks are considered more serious, because it means that the perimeter of the structure is under too much pressure. When cracks are at a 45 degree angle, you may be looking at severe foundation movement. Stair-step cracks in brick exteriors appearing in the corners also warrant a closer look.

Even still, if you find one single vertical crack, your foundation might be moving upwards. Foundation upheaval is the opposite of settling. This is usually caused by moisture in the soil.  Sometime, it can be caused by under-slab plumbing leaks.

Check for doors that stick or don’t open and close properly. This can mean some kind of disturbance in the foundation. If you notice doors sticking, check for other signs of foundation problems. Other things to look for are counters or cabinets pulling away from the wall and gaps around the windows.

The good news is, foundation evaluations usually take only about an hour. So, if you find something concerning, it’s usually worth having a professional come and evaluate the problem.

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