How to Be a Landlord Your Tenants Brag About on Social Media

How To Be A Landlord Your Tenants Brag About On Social Media

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Want to fill your rental units? There really are ways to become the kind of landlord that has current tenants essentially marketing your vacancies on social media. Obviously, building a good, trusting relationship with tenants takes time, but there certainly are ways to speed things up a bit. Here are some ways to become the type of landlord that tenants will brag about on social media.

  1. Remember your tenants’ names and use them.
  2. Remember that first job in customer service? Treat your tenants like the customers they are.
  3. Today’s tenants expect prompt return texts. Give them your cell number. Text back as soon as you can. If you’re not a frequent texter, just communicate that with them. Let them know the best way to get ahold of you.
  4. If you aren’t always available, make sure that they have the number of a backup person they can call or text if they need something.
  5. Always follow through on your promises, which means never promising something you can follow through on.
  6. Make repairs in a timely manner.
  7. Maintain a clean building both inside and outside.
  8. Create picturesque areas of the property they can be proud of and post on social media.
  9. Create outdoor spaces for entertaining, BBQs, and relaxing.
  10. Create a Facebook group for announcements, events, and questions.
  11. Create a website for your tenants and become a resource for resources. Know what is out there. Does your county offer a group prescription discount? Make sure to let them know on the website. Do you have an in on a great agent for renters’ insurance? Pass that info along.
  12. Introduce your tenants to other friendly tenants.
  13. If you find local coupons, pin them to a community corkboard or pass them along directly.
  14. Host a monthly movie night.
  15. Host a monthly BBQ.
  16. Accept payment by Venmo, PayPal or other web platforms.


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