How Much is a Yard of Topsoil and What is the Cost

How Much Is A Yard Of Topsoil And What Is The Cost?

Published On: April 6th, 2019Last Updated: May 14th, 2019Categories: Hard Money

Are you looking for topsoil for your new investment property? If you only need a tiny amount of topsoil, you can find that in smaller bags from garden centers, hardware stores, and even gas stations. Yet, for larger applications, the best choice is to purchase topsoil in bulk by the yard from a landscape supply company.

The average cost of topsoil in 40-pound bags will range from two dollars to six dollars per bag, depending on the quality of topsoil you need. This will only give you about a cubic foot of topsoil though. In a yard of topsoil, there will be 27 cubic feet of material. That means that a bag of topsoil, when compared to the unit of measurement sold in bulk, bagged topsoil actually costs minimally $54 per cubic yard. When you buy topsoil in bulk, the minimum price around the country when you include delivery is around $20 per yard. So, the savings is substantial when you buy in bulk. Delivered topsoil around the country will range between $20 and $120 per cubic yard depending on the quantity and quality of the topsoil.

One cubic yard of topsoil weighs about a ton. Once the topsoil is dumped in the driveway, you will need either equipment to move it, or you will need to use a wheelbarrow to disperse it around the yard. You might be able to get the landscape company to drop it off in a few places around the yard to make it easier. Some homeowners hire landscaping companies to do the work for them, because it can be a substantial amount of work and they have the equipment needed to do the work efficiently.

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