How Appraisers Compare Your House

How Appraisers Compare Your House

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When you’re selling a rehabbed house, the buyer’s lender is going to send out an appraiser to see just how much it’s worth. That will tell the lender how much money they can be comfortable giving the buyer—but how does the appraiser arrive at his or her estimated value of the house?

How Appraisers Compare Your House

The appraiser will look at hundreds of factors to value the house you’re selling, from the age of the HVAC system to the quality and condition of the tile in the bathroom.

Once the appraiser has a finger on the house’s pulse, he’ll compare it to recent sales of similar homes to find out what buyers are likely willing to pay in your market.

What Are Comparable Sales?

In order to qualify as a comparable sale, at least for valuation purposes, a house must have:

  • Sold within the last 3 to 6 months
  • Be near the subject house (usually within a quarter-mile or half-mile)
  • Similar square footage
  • Similar age and construction
  • Similar quality and condition
  • Similar lot size

The appraiser will compare your house to several other comparable houses and make a determination on what your house should be worth under the condition it’s in right now.

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