How a Can of Paint for the Front Door Can Increase Sale Price by 00

How A Can Of Paint For The Front Door Can Increase Sale Price By $1,500

If you earn money flipping houses, every upgrade needs to increase the sale value of your investment. You know you need to paint the front door, because it’s weathered looking. But do you know what color to paint it to get the most money from the sale of the house? We do.

Zillow analyzed thousands of photos from residential property sales. It looked at specific colors and specific locations on the houses that increased or decreased the average sale price, and by how much. Color makes a huge impact on buyers. Even though it would be easy for the buyer to paint a front door themselves, for example, they don’t necessarily have that ability to envision it. They might not even know what they don’t like about the new house you just renovated. Maybe it just doesn’t stand out.

It turns out that if you paint the front door of the house you’re flipping a shade of navy blue, dark grey or charcoal, you could drastically increase the sale price for such a minor cost investment. Doors painted these colors on average see a boost of $1,514 added to the sale price of the house.

What About Metal Front Doors?

If you need to turn a drab white metal door a lovely shade of charcoal, here are some tips:

  • Use an angled brush and paint the recessed panel areas and then let them dry completely (at least 45 minutes).
  • Use the grey primer formula to lessen the number of coats of charcoal paint you’ll need to apply.
  • Paint from the top down.
  • Oil-based paints may take longer to dry, but are great for use on metals that rust. Typically, water-based paints are best for exterior use though. If you go with an oil-based paint, remember to go with an oil-based primer.
  • A glossy finish is usually preferred for doors because it’s easy to clean, but if the door has many imperfections, it might be best to avoid the glossy finish.

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