Home Water Treatment Systems What Reis Need to Know

Home Water Treatment Systems: What REIs Need to Know

Published On: February 16th, 2017Last Updated: February 16th, 2017Categories: Home Improvements, InvestmentTags: , , , ,

If you’re planning to turn a home into an investment property (you’ll be the landlord), you may want to give the water quality in your rental some special attention. In a time where local water supplies are being investigated in several municipalities, potential renters are making water safety a top priority when searching for homes. Installing a drinking water treatment system into your home can be a good investment (and it can give your renters with peace-of-mind).

When cleaning and staging your home, you may be focused on removing hard water stains from visible areas, which is good, but you need to take it a step further. It is highly probable that potential renters are turning the faucets on, letting them run, and even taking a drink.

There are many water maintenance systems that can be installed in a home to make water look and feel better, as well as safer. If the water in the home contains colors, odors, and sediment—a water softener will help—but it won’t remove bacteria or organic chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides and herbicides.  Here are some additional water treatment systems to consider when updating your home.

Ultraviolet Water Purification

Using UV light, this type of system disinfects water to reduce bacteria and viruses. It is important to note that it does not remove chemicals from water. There are single faucet and whole house installations available.

Distillation Systems

Adding a distillation system to your home allows for safer drinking water by a vaporization, sterilization, and condensation process. This process removes heavy metals, chemicals and bacteria and are available in countertop or tank methods.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis systems are available for whole home or countertop installation. They are effective at removing chemicals, bacteria and viruses.

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