Hard Money Loans – Financing for What You Need

When banks don’t want to provide you with the financing you need, an Atlanta hard money lender can step in and make things happen. But what is a hard money loan, and how hard is it to qualify for one? Is it the right solution for you?

Hard Money Real Estate Loans in Atlanta

Whether you’re interested in building a new home, you want to purchase an investment property or you’re ready to borrow cash against a free-and-clear property, a hard money real estate loan might be your best option.

Hard money real estate loans for new construction: Because banks are tough sells on new construction loans, you might need to find an alternative method of financing. A hard money real estate loan provides capital to purchase lots and the cost of construction.

Hard money real estate loans for investment properties: If you don’t have pristine credit, it can be extremely difficult to get a bank to lend you money for an investment property. Often, big institutions don’t see the potential in investment properties – but hard money lenders are willing to take risks that banks can’t.

Cash-out hard money real estate loans: When you own your property free and clear, which means your mortgage is paid off and there are no liens against the property, you may qualify for a cash-out hard money real estate loan. With this type of loan, you can tap into up to 50 percent of your home’s equity.

Qualifying for Hard Money Real Estate Loans

While your credit does matter, it’s not the primary factor that determines whether you’ll qualify. The value of your property, your ability to repay and other factors are all evaluated when you apply for a hard money real estate loan.

The Atlanta Hard Money Real Estate Loan Pros

We specialize in providing hard money real estate loans in and around Atlanta. We don’t have to search for investors or send out complex paperwork – and that means you get your money faster.

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