Finding Your Next Flip by Checking out the Inventory

Finding Your Next Flip By Checking Out the Inventory

Published On: October 23rd, 2017Last Updated: October 23rd, 2017Categories: Hard MoneyTags: , ,

If you’ve decided to buy a house that needs some TLC, fix it, and sell it, you need to narrow your choices right off the bat.

That means you need to decide what type of inventory you’re going to focus on.

What is Real Estate Inventory?

Inventory is the term that refers to all the houses for sale in a particular category (like two-bedroom, one-bathroom houses or four-bedroom houses with three-car garages).

Why You Need to Look at ALL the Inventory

If you’re going to buy a house to fix up and sell, you need to look at all the inventory in the city. See what’s selling quickly, what sells the most, and what’s not selling. You want to find the right spot – a price range and home style that moves quickly and at competitive prices – before you make an investment.

If most of the houses in your city are selling at $150,000 and they all have three or four bedrooms and sizeable yards, then that’s probably where you want to start looking for deals.

Your real estate agent can help you find “distressed” homes – those that are in need of some work before a buyer will come along and fall in love.

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