Finding Contractors for Work on Your Rental Properties

Finding Contractors For Work On Your Rental Properties

Finding good contractors to work on your rental properties might seem like a chore. Hiring undependable contractors can cost you some serious cash. Do you know where to find the best contractors? We happen to have some tips!

Perhaps some jobs at your rental property are too complex, too tedious, or just too unappealing to do the work yourself. If you’re investing in real estate but you’re not going to be doing all of the work yourself for whatever reason, you’ll need reliable, skilled contractors. Word-of-mouth really is best. That doesn’t mean you should rely completely on online testimonials from social media, Yelp, or Angie’s List. There are actually better ways that you can find out which contractors are the most reliable, honest and capable.

Builder Supply Stores

Head in to your builder supply store and talk to the people that work there. Skilled tradesmen need supplies, but unless they are in a pinch, they usually don’t get a majority of their supplies at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They generally frequent smaller, local suppliers that are known for high levels of customer service and great prices. Head on into your local supply store and it’s very likely that you will get a suggestion for the most talented contractors. Some stores have no-recommendation policies, but in that case you can ask who their biggest clients are. A lot of times, the employees at these stores will make recommendations quietly even if they do have a policy against it.

Check Out New Construction Subdivisions

Builders have a lot at stake when they hire contractors. If you know of a reputable subdivision or builder, go take a drive. Which work local trucks are parked in front of the new homes? It’s kind of like getting a big-name builder’s recommendation, without worrying about policies and loyalties. If they hire a contractor for a new subdivision, the builder has faith in their work.


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