Explanation of South Carolina Building Codes Enforcement Officers

Explanation of South Carolina Building Codes Enforcement Officers

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If you’re flipping houses in South Carolina, you’ll want to know more about the building codes enforcement officers. Here’s a quick reference guide.

Building Official

A Building Official performs tasks and inspections for the local jurisdiction’s building department. They must carry a certification as a building official (CBO).

Commercial Inspector

A Commercial Inspector performs onsite inspections in at least two construction disciplines. You know, like electrical and plumbing or building and mechanical. What they inspect is decided by the local jurisdiction that employs them. They have to have  certificates or examination records from a recognized code organization. They must actually be certified in two or more commercial inspector disciplines.

Residential Inspector

A Residential Inspector  perform onsite plumbing, building, electrical, and mechanical inspections on residential homes that are three stories or less in height. Also, the dwellings have to have 16 or less units per building. Plus, the total building has to be 5,000 square feet or less. All Residential Inspectors are been certified in the four residential inspector disciplines.

Single Discipline Inspector

A Single Discipline Inspector is just what the title sounds like. They inspect only one construction discipline. They are, of course, certified in that one discipline.

Plans Examiner

A Plans Examiner performs the building plans reviews. They are certified in the discipline of commercial building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical plans.

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