Do You Need to Hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Flip

Do You Need to Hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Flip?

Published On: August 4th, 2019Last Updated: June 25th, 2019Categories: Flipping, Hard MoneyTags: ,

After going through the work to restore a house, you’re ready to get it up on the market and flip it. With the effort you’ve already put in, you might think that selling it without a real estate agent is reasonable. However, hiring this professional is incredibly important.

Why You Need a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Flip

Real estate transactions involve so many components that you can easily miss if you forgo hiring an agent. Before you put the house on the market, you want to ensure that it is in the best shape possible. In your eyes, it probably already is; otherwise, you wouldn’t be ready to sell it. A real estate agent can offer you suggestions for prepping the house a bit more before sale so that you can score an excellent offer.

You also need to know how to advertise your house properly and thoroughly, and a real estate agent has the tools and platforms through which to do so. As you’re navigating the process, people could take advantage of you or manipulate you into agreeing with unfavorable terms. A real estate agent helps to protect you against these issues, as well.

Your real estate agent will help you:

  • Price the home for what the market can bear
  • Point out areas that will be sticking points for buyers
  • Provide staging advice
  • Negotiate with buyers for you
  • Help you sell the property as quickly as possible
  • Help you get as much money as possible from the sale

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