Do You Have Different Exit Strategies for That Investment Property Youre Eyeing

Do You Have Different Exit Strategies For That Investment Property You’re Eyeing?

When flipping a house, your end goal is to make a comfortable profit, but sometimes things happen that are outside of your control. You will still need to plan for these things. That sometimes means having a different exit strategy than simply selling the house for a large profit quickly. If you aren’t guaranteed a profit, will you choose another route? Do you have alternate exit strategies planned?

Here are some things that could happen that could affect your plans to flip a house quickly at a profit:

  • The economy could change.
  • Financing rules could be changed.
  • The market could shift.
  • You might have overestimated your sales price.
  • You might have underestimated your costs.
  • Delays might have made the project take too long.

Do you have a plan for these potential events? Do you have alternate exit strategies for your home flip? Are you prepared to hold onto the property and rent it out if you need to instead of taking a loss? If your plans fall through will you be able to still make a profit in the long run? If you can’t see a means of a profit from any alternate exit strategies, your purchase might be too risky. If you can see multiple exit strategies though, you might have a good buy.

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