Recognizing Big Problems With Distressed Properties

Published On: August 14th, 2018Last Updated: August 14th, 2018Categories: Due Diligence, Flipping, Foreclosures, Investment Properties, Investments, Remodeling TipsTags:

Sometimes distressed properties sold “As-is” come with some major problems. Do you know how to recognize them? If you intend to invest in a distressed property, these are important issues that you need to know about.

Head into the bathroom. Bounce a little on the floor near the sink, tub and toilet. Is there any give? That can be a major indicator of water damage! Grab a high powered flashlights and check underneath the floor if possible. Look for stained wood or joists. Find out when and why that damage occurred and get your answers in writing if you can! Sometimes rotten wood isn’t water damage though, sometimes it’s termites or carpenter ants! If you see thin tubes of mud running up a wall or tiny holes in the walls or wood, you might have damage from these pests to worry about.

Would you know how to recognize a collapsed sewer line? You can’t just look and see. After all, they’re under ground. So, look for a major patch of green grass in an otherwise browner yard. Why is it green there? It could be a sewer line problem. Are there depressions in the yard? That could be a sinkhole from a broken sewer line.

Make sure you have the utilities turned on. Otherwise, it will be hard to check for leaky plumbing or electrical issues. One of the easiest ways to check for a leak is to not even turn the water on at a faucet. Just head out to the water meter, if the property has one. If it’s spinning and there’s not water on, water is going somewhere. If you can’t find a leak in the house, it could be underground somewhere!

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