Comparing Siding Options by Price

Comparing Siding Options By Price

If you’re about to buy a home to flip, you may end up deciding to replace the home’s siding. You can check online for siding prices and you’ll likely end up stuck on a calculator that requires your email or waste a bunch of time on a page to discover it’s an advertisement for a particular type of siding product or from a siding installer that only offers a small variety. There are seven main groups of siding. Today, we are going to compare these options, including the price of the siding installed. We don’t care what kind of siding you get. We do want to be a resource for you though, especially if you are one of our hard money loan clients.

Prices of Different Home Siding Options

Home Siding Options

Here are your options in siding the home you intend to flip, arranged by price range from lowest to highest:

  1. Vinyl
  2. Real Wood
  3. Aluminum / Steel
  4. Fiber Cement / Composite
  5. Stucco
  6. Real Brick / Stone Veneer
  7. Faux Stone

Home Siding Price Comparison Chart

The following price ranges are for the average cost of both materials and installation per square foot. This should save you a bunch of time in deciding your feasible siding options given your budget compared to online calculators.

  • Vinyl: $4.15 – $8.50 per sqft
  • Real Wood: $4.15 – $14.00 per sqft
  • Aluminum / Steel: $5.20 – $10.65 per sqft
  • Fiber Cement / Composite: $5.80 – $12.00 per sqft
  • Stucco: $7.90 – $12.50 per sqft
  • Brick / Stone Veneer: $14.65 – $26.00 per sqft
  • Faux Stone: $14.70 – $31.00 per sqft

DIY Home Siding Options By Difficulty Level

Many home flippers are good at DIY projects. Siding is one of those areas where you really have to know your expertise level and be honest with yourself. Here are the same siding options, arranged instead by the expertise level you would need for a DIY installation.

DIY Expertise Level Required: Good

  • Vinyl

DIY Expertise Level Required: Highly Skilled

  • Real Wood
  • Aluminum / Steel
  • Real Brick / Stone Veneer
  • Faux Stone

DIY Expertise Level Required: Expert

  • Fiber Cement / Composite
  • Stucco

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