Clever Way to Find a Good Tradesman for Jobs You Dont Want to Handle

Clever Way To Find A Good Tradesman For Jobs You Don’t Want To Handle

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Tired of skewed social media reviews leading you to unskilled skilled tradesman? Let’s face it, people have friends and family more than willing to give skilled tradesmen and other contractors stellar reviews. Here’s one way to get the real scoop on skilled tradesmen like plumbers, HVAC technicians, and electricians.

Go to where they buy their materials.

Good Skilled Tradesmen Rarely Only Shop The Big Box Stores

It’s true. Though skilled tradesmen often have to stop by big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot, they generally buy their materials from local suppliers. They go to these suppliers because they usually get better prices, better materials, and better service. These local suppliers often know the skilled tradesman by name. They sometimes even know their history. Often, they know how busy they are. Plus, they usually know what type of supplies they purchase. A skilled tradesman who uses sub-par materials isn’t for you, if you’re looking for a good person for the job.

So, head on up to your local supply store. Introduce yourself and explain the job you need help with. Then, ask them who they recommend. Now, sometimes they have policies against recommending contractors. Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t. Still, if they won’t give out names, ask them in a different way. Tell them that you want referrals about their products and ask them the names of their bigger clients instead. They will know that you’re simply rephrasing the same question so that they don’t have to break policy and likely give you your answer!

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