1 09, 2021

Why Should You Shop Around for a Contractor?

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As a real estate investor, your job is to make the best possible profit from the properties you purchase, renovate and sell – and that means it’s in your best interest to shop around for contractors. But everyone says that; what they don’t tell you is why. This guide explains. Why Should You Shop Around for a Contractor? Shopping around for contractors, even for small jobs, pays off in the end. If you’re unfamiliar with what a job should cost, it’s a no-brainer: You should contact at least three contractors to get price quotes. And even if you are familiar

18 02, 2019

Five Ways To Get The Best Work From Your Contractors

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Do you want to get the best possible work out of your contractor? Some contractors have outstanding work habits, but let's face it, not all of them do. Some contractors need a bit more incentive to give you their best work. Here are five ways to make sure you get the best possible work from your contractors. Get The Best Possible Work From A Contractor Meet with your contractor once a day. Make sure you step foot on the job site at least once a day. That creates a kind of accountability. This is when you can get a progress

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