16 12, 2021

3 Simple Ways to Find Distressed Properties

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If you’re a real estate investor looking for the next great deal, you may be interested in finding a distressed property. But other than driving around town looking for the perfect place (you know – one that’s got peeling paint, a stack of newspapers on the porch and multiple notices stuck to the front door), there are three super-simple ways to find distressed properties. This guide explains. 3 Simple Ways to Find Distressed Properties Looking for a distressed property is easy if you: Check tax records Search public records for delinquent mortgages Network through probate court Here’s a closer look

15 02, 2019

Do You Know The Signs Of A Bad Foundation

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As a real estate investor, you can save yourself money and time if you know how to spot signs of foundation damage when you first look at a potential investment property. Some minor problems can be fixed, of course. If you only spot minor problems, it's possible that hiring a professional evaluator to check the property may be worth it. Not all foundation issues mean you should walk away from an investment property. But you can save yourself the cost of an evaluation if you can spot the major foundation issues yourself. Keep in mind, you're not just looking at

26 11, 2018

Do You Have The Skills To Create Enough Sweat Equity From Flipping Houses?

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Are you thinking about flipping houses professionally without existing wealth? The real cash in flipping houses comes from sweat equity. That's while you'll see professional builders, carpenters, and other handy skilled tradesmen in the house flipping business doing well for themselves. These people know enough about home repairs and renovations to create the sweat equity to make flipping houses profitable. Often you will find skilled tradesmen who flip houses during the winter when they are out of work for the season. This helps contribute to an annual income, because the unemployment checks certainly won't cover all their family expenses. Oftentimes,

3 03, 2018

North Carolina Property Tax Relief: Who Qualifies?

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Do you have a loved one in North Carolina struggling with property taxes? Well, some North Carolina homeowners qualify for one of three programs offering property tax relief. You might want to look into this for them. Low-Income Homestead Exclusion Qualified low-income homeowners can apply for property tax relief through the State of North Carolina at their Assessor's Office between January 1 and June 1 each year. Qualifying homeowners receive an exclusion of the taxable value of their residences of either $29,500, or 50 percent (whichever is greater). Disabled Veterans Homestead Exclusion Honorably discharged veteran homeowners, certified by the U.S Department of Veterans

3 11, 2016

Fulton County Tax Foreclosure Sales (and How to Find Them)

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In the state of Georgia, it’s legal for the government to seize property, such as homes and land, for the nonpayment of taxes. According to the Georgia Department of Law, a homeowner’s obligation to pay property taxes is backed by the property itself. If a homeowner fails to pay, the county tax commissioner can sell the home to raise the amount due back in taxes. Often these homes sell for exceptionally low prices—but how does the whole process work? How Does a Property Get Seized? When a homeowner’s property taxes are past due, the tax collector can proceed through a

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