12 02, 2018

If You Don’t Have 100% Of The Funds, Don’t Start A Real Estate Project

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If you don't have all the funds you will need for your real estate project, be that flipping a house or renovating a potential rental property, don't take that risk. That's a gamble that could end up with you in a really bad situation. If you want to start a real estate project, be sure to start with more debt or more funds than you think you will need. That's right, always starts with a loan for more than what you think you will need to complete the project. See, it's easier to get initial funding than subsequent funding. If

19 01, 2018

Are You Sure You Want To Pay Retail Price For A New Sink From A Big Box Store?

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Don’t pay retail price for a kitchen sink when like-new used sinks, sinks from competitively priced online specialty shops, and salvaged sinks save you bundles. Look, if you’re flipping a house, a gorgeous kitchen sink makes a real difference. That doesn’t mean you should pay full price for the sink though. You also don’t have to spend time and gas money hoping for a great find at a Habitat for Humanity store. The online market offers sink basins in remarkable shape at a serious discount.   Used Farmhouse Stainless Steel Sinks On Amazon If you buy a new Kraus farmhouse

21 04, 2017

Your Credit and a Hard Money Loan

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Sure, credit matters. But there are many good people who have terrible credit scores (and vice-versa). What that means is that those good people are often ignored by lenders, and in many cases, the reasons behind their poor credit are far beyond their control. So what happens if someone with bad credit wants to get a rehab loan? Bad Credit and Rehab Loans in Atlanta When someone with bad credit attempts to get a rehab loan through a traditional lender, the lender may not even look at his or her circumstances. In those cases, turning to an Atlanta hard money

5 05, 2016

What is a Hard Money Rehab Loan in Atlanta?

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If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve considered getting a hard money rehab loan for your Atlanta home. However, you may not know enough about hard money rehab loans to decide whether or not it’s a good idea. What is a Hard Money Rehab Loan? A hard money a rehab loan is cash you borrow from a lender so you can make improvements to a property. In some cases, particularly when you own your property with no encumbrances (you don’t owe any money on it), you may wish to take out an equity loan. Paces Funding can lend you up to

29 03, 2016

Common Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

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Whether you’re a brand-new real estate investor or you’re a seasoned pro, you might make some of the most common mistakes REIs make across the country. So what are they? The Most Common Mistakes REIs Make Overestimating the Value of a House Many investors—again, this sometimes applies to those who are new to the game and those who have been in a while—make the mistake of thinking a property is worth more than it actually is worth. Typically, the easiest solution is to get a pair of appraisers to visit the home separately. Appraisers don’t know how much the lender

10 11, 2015

Choosing the Right Improvements for a Property

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When you take out a hard money loan to buy an investment property, some experienced professionals will tell you that you need to choose the right improvements. However, that seems a little bit backward. You shouldn’t buy a property unless you already know what improvements need to be made – and whether you can reasonably make them quickly and effectively enough to turn a profit on the sale. Choosing the Right Improvements for a Property It’s important that you’re already aware of what improvements you could make to increase a home’s value when you buy a property – but what

27 10, 2015

New to Real Estate Investing? Here’s What You Need to Know About Funding.

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If you’re new to real estate investing, you probably already know that some deals are too good to pass up – but that banks take weeks or months to approve loans, and even then, they may not give you the most favorable terms to make the deal worthwhile. Here’s what most new real estate investors learn pretty quickly: a hard money loan is nearly always the only type of financing a new investor can get without having much capital stashed away. Private Financing for New Investors Because banks take so long, and because they won’t typically lend you money based

15 10, 2015

Could a Hard Money Rehab Loan Be Right for You?

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It’s every seller’s dream: turning an ugly or outdated house into one that’s more attractive and appeals to more potential buyers (and at a higher price) so it can sell faster. However, if you’re like most sellers with homes like this, you’ll need a rehab loan to make it possible. Prior to 2008, it was easier to get in rehab loan from a bank than it is today. In many cases, investors need to turn to a hard money lender for this type of financing – but what is a hard money rehab loan, and is it right for your

27 09, 2015

What is a Hard Money Rehab Loan?

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There are several types of rehab loans you can take out in Atlanta, but the main idea behind them are all the same – and that’s to upgrade or rehabilitate a property so it’s worth more money. So what, exactly, is a rehab loan, and is it right for you? Hard Money Rehab Loans A rehab loan is money that you get from a lender to make improvements to a property. The problem with traditional rehab loans is that many homes that are in desperate need of upgrades or rehabilitation are damaged – and lenders usually require those improvements to

15 09, 2015

4 House Flipping Myths Busted

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We’ve all seen it on TV. The investor swoops in, picks up a great deal – a six-bedroom, four-bathroom house with a brand-new swimming pool – and two weeks later it’s on the market and excited buyers are willing to enter a bidding war. Except… that’s TV. There are plenty of myths that surround house flipping, so it’s time to put them to rest once and for all. House-Flipping Myth #1: Flipping is Easy in Atlanta When you flip houses, there are ways to get things done faster (and make more money). There aren’t any huge shortcuts that lead to