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15 05, 2019

‘Surge Cities’ Nashville, Jacksonville, Atlanta Among The Best Cities For Entrepreneurs

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Nashville, Jacksonville and Atlanta are among the best cities in which to start a business, according to the Winter edition of Inc. Magazine which published a list of the 50 best "surge cities." Surge cities are metros that are considered startup-friendly. In other words, these are great cities for entrepreneurs. The analysis examined high-growth company density within each city, the rate of entrepreneurship in the city, the city's population growth, the city's net business creation, the city's wage growth, job creation statistics for the city, and early-stage fundraising deals offered to entrepreneurs in the area. The analysis claims that in

15 05, 2019
  • 3 Great Books to Read Before You Flip Your First House

3 Great Books to Read Before You Flip Your First House

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Reality television gives the impression flipping houses is a business you can start without preparation. In the real world, educating yourself is essential before you flip your first house. Reading these books increases your chance of success on your first flip. The Book on Flipping Houses, Revised Edition by J Scott This is the primer on flipping houses you need. Author J Scott has been flipping houses for more than 10 years and has done over 300 deals. He provides a 20-step guide to flipping your first house. He draws heavily from the experiences he and his wife had when

12 05, 2019
  • Tips for Managing Contractors When You Flip a House

Tips for Managing Contractors When You Flip a House

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Are you ready to flip houses for handsome profits? It's imperative for you to hire experienced contractors for your rehab projects. However, you must manage the contractors throughout the entire process. Here are several simple tips that will help you manage your contractor with ease. Tips for Managing Contractors When You Flip a House When you're managing contractors because you're flipping a house, these are the essentials: Establish open lines of communication Be professional Check in frequently Use itemized lists Watch your budget Establish an Open Line of Communication It's vital for you to have an open line of communication

29 04, 2019

Bulb Gardening: Easy Landscaping For Your Rental Properties

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Planting bulbs in the yard of your rental property can help keep the landscaping looking nice with minimal maintenance for most of the year. Bulbs are hard to mess up, so you don't need an especially green thumb. They're also very economical too. Planting bulbs allows you to have hassle-free flowers each year. It also makes renters feel like you go the extra mile to make the property nice. Now, the hardest part of planting bulbs is planning on where to plant them. You will want to clear out an area of a flower bed or along the driveway or

28 04, 2019

How Much Insurance Should A Homeowner Have?

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If you're living in a house you intend to flip, do you know how much insurance you should have as a homeowner? Obviously, you will need enough homeowners insurance to replace the home if it were destroyed in a fire or a hurricane, but what else do you need? Make sure that your belongings are also covered. Your belongings like jewelry, clothing, art, and other items might cost more to replace than a standard homeowners insurance would cover. This is not including any updates you've already made to the home like granite countertops or new appliances. Be sure to take

27 04, 2019

Home Flippers: Creating A Wonderful Outdoor Space Can Help You Sell Even Faster

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Want some tried and true tips for creating an ambient and lovely outdoor space that buyers will love? Remodeling Magazine was just one of many that seem to estimate the average return on investment for having an outdoor kitchen installed is shockingly high. The  ROI could be even more significant if you know how to install an outdoor kitchen yourself. Ideally, outdoor kitchens feature a pleasing, concrete or stone patio and a separate area for dining. Gazebos and pergola also make the outdoor kitchen stand out to homebuyers. A pergola will add value to any house. ROI after having a

25 04, 2019
  • 3 Qualities to Look for in a House You Want to Flip

3 Qualities to Look for in a House You Want to Flip

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Finding the right house to flip can often be a challenging process, and there are many factors you will want to consider. Despite all of the effort that will be required during the house hunting and flipping process, all of your hard work will likely pay off in the end. This can be an incredibly profitable venture as well as a very creative and rewarding process. The following information will provide a closer look at three important qualities you should look for in a house you want to flip: Consider the Location Choosing the best location when finding a house

20 04, 2019

Virginia Highland: One Of Atlanta’s Most Popular Neighborhoods

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Virginia Highland, or simply VaHi to residents that live there, is one of Atlanta's most vibrant areas. It combines small-town charm with the perks of living in the city. Virginia Highland is found east of Ansley Park right near downtown. This neighborhood has four separate and distinct villages that are all connected into a very walkable overall neighborhood. Virginia Highland is considered one of Atlanta's most sought after neighborhoods, so if you can find an investment property in VaHi that you can either flip or turn into a rental, you'd be in luck. Some of the homes are over 100-years-old

18 04, 2019

Landlords, Millennials Shop For Rentals Differently, So You Need To Adjust Your Marketing Too

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Landlords marketing to Millennial renters face new challenges. For example, most Millennials get almost all of their information from social media. As a lessor, you simply must have an online presence that incorporates a variety of social media platforms to fully market to millennial renters. Don't simply post an ad online on Craigslist and think you have your online presence covered. It important to post to Craigslist, of course, but that shouldn't be your only online presence. Instagram is an incredibly useful online marketing tool. It's a generational favorite. Also, don't merely post a photo and your information to Instagram.

16 04, 2019

Create An Outdoor Community Space In Your Multi-Unit Rental Buildings

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Want to create a desirable community for your tenants? One of the amenities growing in popularity is outdoor community spaces. More landlords are creating functional spaces for multi-unit rental properties that encourage a sense of community. This improves resident interaction, keeps the property safer, and results in a greater likelihood that the property won't be trashed. BBQ stations and patios are great solutions. You can create a simple functional outdoor living area by installing a small fire pit structure, a place to deposit garbage and cans, permanent seating, and some greenery. Other ideas for outdoor community places include community kitchens