Best Places to Find Real Estate Investments in Atlanta

Best Places to Find Real Estate Investments in Atlanta

Published On: August 3rd, 2015Last Updated: August 3rd, 2015Categories: Foreclosures, Investment, Loan

If you’re an investor, how do you find the best deals?

Chances are that you’re always on the lookout for new sources. If you’re just starting out in real estate investing, you could probably use a nudge in the right direction – so here’s a comprehensive list of where you can find the best real estate deals.

Search the HUD Website for REI Opportunities

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development maintains an extensive list of HUD homes for sale in Georgia. Using their website, you can access foreclosure listings from HUD, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and several other sources, including:

  • Customs
  • The Department of Agricultural Rural Development
  • The FDIC
  • The General Services Administration, or GSA
  • The IRS
  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • The U.S. Marshal Service

It’s not uncommon to find multi-family properties alongside single-family homes, so depending on your investment level, you can find several options that may meet your needs.

Properties Through Lenders

Banks and mortgage companies typically have extensive lists of REO properties. Because of the large volume of these types of properties that most lenders deal with, they often work with brokers and REO listing agents.

Working with REO Listing Agents

REO listing agents work directly with lending institutions. They’ll have lists of all the bank-owned properties in the area, and if you can find out who handles a lender’s REOs, you’ll have a connection that can keep you in the loop as soon as new properties become available.

Securing Financing to Buy Your Investment Properties

If you need a hard money loan in Atlanta, we may be able to help. You can learn about the hard money loan process, get answers to your questions or fill out our online hard money loan application – or, if you’d like, you can call us at 404-814-1644.