Analyzing a Property Dont Overlook These 3 Things

Analyzing a Property? Don’t Overlook These 3 Things

Published On: September 30th, 2016Last Updated: September 30th, 2016Categories: Hard Money

Where should you invest?

If you’re like most real estate investors, you ask yourself that a few times a day (or more).

If you want to make the wisest choices—those that will actually bring you a return on your investment—you need to figure out three things.

3 Things You Can’t Afford to Overlook in Investment Decisions

Ideally, deals will just fall into place. Things will work out the right way, the first time, and you’ll have a charmed experience throughout your entire real estate investing career.

Yeah, right.

We all know that doesn’t happen; there are always ups and downs.

But if you’re analyzing a particular property, here’s what you absolutely must look at before making a decision.

Investor Question 1: How Closely Involved Do You Need to Be?

Could you invest in a property that’s in another state? Another town?

Do you need to be heavily involved, in person, to be comfortable investing?

If you’re new to real estate investing, don’t go too far outside your comfort zone. When you become more seasoned, you may be more comfortable taking bigger risks… but in the first several years, it’s best if you’re on the scene as often as possible. You’ll not only learn more about the process by doing it yourself, but you’ll be more comfortable, too.

Investor Question 2: Who’s Going to Manage Everything?

If you’re investing in a property that you’re going to use as a rental (or if you can’t sell something and must become an involuntary landlord), who’s going to be in charge of the day-to-day work? Will you need a property manager, or will you do it all yourself?

Figure out what’s feasible before you make your decision on a particular property.

Investor Question 3: Where’s the Money Coming From?

If you’re a smart investor, you already know about Atlanta hard money loans. You even have your team put together, including your lender, so you can make the deal work out in your favor.

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