6 Cheap and Easy Fixes to Make the Outside of Your Flip Shine

6 Cheap and Easy Fixes to Make the Outside of Your Flip Shine

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6 Cheap and Easy Fixes to Make the Outside of Your Flip Shine

Outside home renovations get expensive quickly, with even little fixes racking up a costly bill.  Here are five easy tricks to ramp up curb appeal, all for under $50 each:


  1. Spruce up your mailbox
  2. Paint your front door
  3. Brighten up your sidewalk with path lighting
  4. Give your shutters and trim a fresh coat of paint
  5. Spring for new house numbers
  6. De-grime your driveway

Here’s a closer look at each.

#1. Spruce Up Your Mailbox

One of the first things a potential buyer sees is your mailbox. Spruce it up with some new decal numbers on the side that are clean and easy to read, and that stand out. If the mailbox is rusty (or it’s falling apart), it’s probably best to invest in a new one. Test the quality of the base of the mailbox and hide exposed concrete by planting flowers around its base.

#2. Paint Your Front Door and Get a New Door Handle

First impressions are critical to potential buyers, and a great front door shouts “I’m the one!” Painting your home’s whole exterior can be expensive, but a new, fresh coat of paint on a front door can refresh its look for under $100. Also pay special attention to doorknobs – they’re the first thing potential buyers touch.

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#3. Brighten Up Your Sidewalk With Path Lighting

Add a little ambiance to your flip with LED walkway lights guiding buyers up to the home. These inexpensive lights add a cultivated look to the yard and help keep buyers safe as they walk toward your front door. Solar-powered lights are great solutions, too – installation only takes a few minutes, and they only require minimal upkeep.

#4. Give Your Shutters and Trim a Fresh Coat of Paint

A few fresh coats of paint on the window shutters and trim of your flip will give its curb appeal a quick, effective boost. Use a color that’s already part of the home’s exterior color scheme.

Pro Tip: Focus on street-facing trims if you’re short on time.

#5. Spring for New House Numbers

The house numbers on your flip are incredibly important – they’re what guide prospective buyers straight to the right place. For about $10 you can purchase shiny, new numbers that make the house easier to find. They’ll help give the whole property a clean, organized and well-put-together vibe that buyers will carry over the threshold.

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#6. De-Grime Your Driveway

Repaving a driveway is expensive, and if you’re moving, it probably doesn’t make sense to invest in this area. Instead, rent a power-washer and spend some time hosing down your driveway.

Pro Tip: Never, ever power-wash the exterior of your house – a pressure-washer can do serious damage to your siding, paint and even mortar.


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