5 Ways to Handle Brick Inside of Your Flip

5 Ways to Handle Brick Inside of Your Flip

Published On: December 11th, 2019Last Updated: January 16th, 2020Categories: Hard Money

Some homebuyers love the look of exposed brick. It can work well in industrial-style spaces, or in ones with French country flair. Others buyers may find the red or brown tones in some brick to be heavy, overpowering, or outdated. Here are five ways to downplay or play up the look of the brick inside of your flip.

Paint It

Got a red, orangey, or tan brick fireplace? Sometimes a couple of coats of white paint is all you need to give it a fresh, clean, and updated look.

You can also create the appearance of antique brick with white paint by applying it in a patchy, instead of solid, manner across portions of the brick to create an aged look.

Whitewash It

You don’t have to paint over your brick. Whitewashing can tone-down a wall that dominates your space, and at the same time allow some of its character to peek through. There are products specifically designed for this technique, or you can simply dilute latex paint with water to create a thin mixture. Coat your brick as many times as needed to get the look you’re going for to turn an eyesore into an accent.

German Smear It

The German Smear is a technique that’s similar to whitewashing, but instead of using diluted paint, you use a coating of wet mortar. Some bricks are completely covered over, while others are lightly coated so their color is only muted. The technique emulates the look of the irregular stones and heavy mortar joints that are usually found in centuries-old cottages throughout northern Germany.

Stain It

Consider applying a brick stain to play up or tone down the color of your masonry. Bring out the red in a pale brick, or change a yellow brick to a neutral brown. Whatever complements the color palette of your space.

Seal It

Sealing can also be a great treatment for your brick. A sealant can even the tone of your brickwork and enhance its warmth and color. Use an interior brick sealer in a matte or glossy finish.

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