5 Questions to Ask Sellers if Youre Not Working with a Realtorr

5 Questions to Ask Sellers if You’re Not Working With a Realtor(R)

Published On: August 30th, 2017Last Updated: August 30th, 2017Categories: Investment, Real Estate, Realtors

Most real estate investors choose to work with a Realtor® who handles the negotiation process for them. However, if you’re one of the REIs who likes to call sellers and establish a relationship without using a real estate agent, here are five questions you need to ask property owners to begin negotiations.

5 Questions to Ask Sellers

  1. How long have you lived in the home? This is generally just a good icebreaker.
  2. How do you like this neighborhood? This is a great way to get a better feel for the community, and it’s another way to encourage the seller to give you information.
  3. What do you like most about this home? This is a great question to ask if you want to start formulating selling points for later – and it can also help you determine whether the home will be a good fit for your investing needs.
  4. What types of repairs will be necessary if I purchase this home? Naturally, you’ll have a home inspector come out and evaluate what needs to be done – but it’s a good idea to get the information straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, if you’re thinking about purchasing a property as an investment.
  5. How quickly do you want to sell? In addition to creating your own timeline of events, knowing how motivated the seller is will help you determine the type of financing you’ll need.

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