5 Must haves for an Uber Luxurious Pool

5 Must-Haves for an Uber Luxurious Pool

Published On: February 11th, 2020Last Updated: March 12th, 2020Categories: Hard Money

If you’re flipping a home with a pool you’ve got a great opportunity to wow buyers into a deal by outfitting your pool with all of the latest luxuries. Here are five pool features to help you hook buyers.

Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge, also called a tanning shelf or a baja shelf, is an entry point into the pool and is usually at least 5 feet wide and 9 inches deep. A potential buyer can set up a lounge chair on the shelf and bask in the sun while dipping their fingers and toes. They may even place a small table by their side to hold a drink and a light snack.


A luxurious pool wouldn’t be complete without a spa. Let potential buyers visualize themselves easing into its warm, bubbly embrace after a long day.

Swim-Up Bar

This can be an impressive custom feature. Swim-up bars include barstool seating, normally two to five seats, which is permanently built into the pool. The bar includes a countertop, as well as a serving area that’s outside of the pool—referred to as the dry side. A swim-up bar is great for parties. Your guests can be served without ever having to leave the pool. Your bar can complement an outdoor kitchen that’s complete with a built-in grill, cooktop, and refrigerator.

Fire Feature, Fire Pit, or a Tower Heater

Make a dramatic statement at night with a fire feature as a focal point in your poolscape. A fire pit can also be a great addition where your guests can retreat after an evening in the water. If you don’t build a fire pit a tower heater can work well to keep your guests toasty as the sun sets. Opt for one with a fire feature to wow your guests with a dancing flame as they enjoy its warmth.


Who doesn’t love a light show? The inclusion of LED lights in today’s cutting-edge poolscapes is almost expected. With a variety of color combinations you can set the mood for any event, whether it be a daytime soiree that lingers into the night, or an intimate evening for two. And don’t forget waterproof speakers for just the right music to create the perfect atmosphere.

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