5 Diy Upgrades That Could Help You Sell Your Investment Property

5 DIY Upgrades That Could Help You Sell Your Investment Property

Published On: March 17th, 2017Last Updated: March 17th, 2017Categories: Hard Money

You should always work with a team of professionals for major upgrades to any investment property, like plumbing and electrical work… but there are dozens of things you can do yourself to add style to the house you’re selling and appeal to a wide range of buyers.

4 DIY Upgrades to Help You Sell Your Investment Property

Easy Upgrade #1: Carved Corbels Beneath Bars

If the home you’re selling has a breakfast bar, make it a little fancier by adding carved corbels beneath it. It’s something so subtle that people won’t notice them directly—but they will notice the added panache the whole bar has.

Easy Upgrade #2: Chandeliers in Unexpected Places

Hang a chandelier—a simple one—in the laundry room. Put one in the master bedroom. People love seeing surprise sophistication in unexpected places.

Easy Upgrade #3: Wall Hooks in Convenient Places

It’s simple but surprisingly attractive: add wall hooks above the kitchen counter that add convenience and style that buyers will love. They can use them for towels, mugs, or anything else—and you can find them and install them yourself.

Easy Upgrade #4: Fit the Sink With a Built-In (Kind-Of) Cutting Board

Give buyers extra food prep space by fitting an under-mount sink with a cutting board. Trim a piece of butcher block to the right size, and then create a lip around the bottom of it so it rests on the edges of the counter around the sink.

Easy Upgrade #5: Put Up Natural Fiber Window Coverings

Rather than everyday blinds or worse, no window coverings at all, hang natural fiber window shades. Added bonus: they help insulate windows.

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