4 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Look for This Year

4 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Look for This Year

Fixr.com, a home improvement website, recently conducted its annual poll of top designers and home improvement professionals to gain their insight on which kitchen remodeling trends will emerge this year. The poll included 68 experts who were chosen based on factors including expertise, establishment in the industry, and overall industry impact. House flippers, if you’re about to begin a new project, or if you’re in the early phases of one, you’ll want to check this out to see which trends you can adopt to appeal to buyers in your market. We’ve summarized Fixr’s findings below. 

Here’s What’s Cooking in the Kitchen      

When it comes to kitchen countertops 78 percent of experts predict that quartz and quartzite will be the two dominant surfaces of choice among homeowners in 2021. Forty-five percent of experts agree that quartz will best all other materials. Quartz is a man-made material, quartzite is a natural stone.

Eighty-one percent of poll participants say homeowner interest in gourmet kitchens has surged. The kitchen is the heart of the home and a hub for entertaining and gathering, and that concept has never been truer since the onset of the pandemic. To enhance the utility and beauty of their kitchens homeowners are increasingly opting for features like extra-large or double islands, state-of-the-art appliances, built-in refrigerators, pot fillers, and large walk-in pantries.

Touchless faucets will be the most popular smart kitchen trend this year, say 62 percent of design experts. Fifty-four percent of experts forecast that the smart refrigerator will be the second-most popular smart kitchen amenity. Smart fridges can help homeowners accomplish tasks like planning meals and creating shopping lists. According to Fixr, you can expect to pay about 25 percent more for a smart refrigerator than you would for its regular counterpart. Average costs for this smart appliance can range from $2,000 to $12,000, plus the cost of installation.            

Fifty-four percent of design experts say the use of mixed metals will be a key kitchen design trend this year. A mixed metal design involves the use of hardware and fixture finishes that are different, but still complementary and cohesive. (Many designers warn not to go overboard with the number of finishes you use—you don’t want all hardware and fixtures to look different. Instead, choose one main finish, then one or two complementary ones. Also, avoid finishes that look almost alike—instead of achieving the sophisticated mixed look, your design will appear as if you intended for the finishes to match, but didn’t notice they were different).