4 Best Trees to Plant for Great Curb Appeal

Published On: November 27th, 2019Last Updated: January 16th, 2020Categories: SellingTags: , , , , , ,

Draw buyers into your next flip with trees that can add lasting beauty to any landscape design. Consider these four options to anchor your lawn.

Crepe Myrtle

For warmer climates (zones 7 to 9) the crepe myrtle can be ideal. Not only does this tree add instant color to a front yard, but it blooms during the hottest days of summer and is super drought tolerant. Since the crepe myrtle can reach over 15 feet tall and wide you should plant it far away enough from the house to prevent issues as it matures.

Blue Spruce

If you’re looking to add greenery that will last all year long plant a blue spruce. This evergreen grows up to 75 feet tall and 20 feet wide, so plant it an ample amount of space from your home in moist soil and full sunlight. In the fall the blue spruce drops pine cones, which a potential homeowner can use for Christmas decor, if they so choose.

Red Leaf Japanese Maple

This red beauty comes in a very small size, which can be planted near your home, and a larger version that can be situated farther out in the yard. The Japanese maple is also available in weeping or upright varieties. In the fall they turn a deep red, although some remain red throughout the year. Be careful not to prune maple trees in the fall or winter because they will bleed sap, which can allow diseases to weaken them. The ideal window to prune maples is from mid-July through August.

Weeping Cherry         

A weeping cherry is a great choice if you want to add some height to your design. Since these trees—whose leaves drape downward—don’t grow taller than 25 feet, they won’t overwhelm your flip house, even if it’s on the smaller side.

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