4 Architectural Elements You Need for a Modern Farmhouse style Home

4 Architectural Elements You Need for a Modern Farmhouse-Style Home

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4 Architectural Elements You Need for a Modern Farmhouse Style Home

You may have heard the term modern farmhouse bandied about a lot in 2020, and for good reason—it’s the favorite home style of a majority of Americans. In fact in a recent survey conducted by Homes.com Americans in 42 states identified it as their favorite home design.

But what exactly is the modern farmhouse style? If you’re thinking about taking advantage of this popular home design for your next flip here are four important architectural elements you’ll need to consider.

Front Porch

A front porch is a staple of the modern farmhouse style and it gives the home a welcoming feel. Depending on how your flip is situated the overhangs of the porch can block direct sunlight and keep things cool, which can make it the perfect place for homebuyers to enjoy their morning coffee, afternoon lemonade, and evenings of people-watching. Your porch may have many possible configurations. It could run the entire length of the front of your home, wrap around one or both sides, or take up a small portion of the front.

Metal Roof

Not only are metal roofs a quintessential element of farmhouse style they are one of the most durable roofing materials on the market. If you don’t want an entirely metal roof you can use metal to accent portions of your roof, like a bump-out for a breakfast nook, or a front door overhang.

Reclaimed Beams

If you’ve got vaulted ceilings in your flip consider adding wood beams to incorporate farmhouse style and some dramatic flair. Reclaimed beams can be ideal and give even the newest spaces a sense of age and character. There are also many faux wood beam products available on the market. They are lightweight and can save you time on installation.

Two-Over-Two Windows

The two-over-two window is a double-hung window that is taller than it is wide, and is a traditional farmhouse style.

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