3 Ways to Sell Your Flip… FAST

Published On: April 26th, 2016Last Updated: April 26th, 2016Categories: Investment, Real Estate

There is a lot more to flipping houses than a quick renovation. You need to be ready to spend some real time and effort researching and marketing your property well before its time to list it. Here are some great tips you can follow that will help you sell your home the same day it hits the market!

Price Your Property Competitively

The price is the first thing a homebuyer notices, so before you list your property, think long and hard about the price. Consider other houses in similar areas – what is their listing price, and how long have they been sitting on the market? Take a look at previous sales as far back as you can and try to find any trends (for example, see if there is a certain time of the year where you can sell higher).

Stage the House

This cannot be overstated enough. You need to make your house look and feel like the buyer is already living there. Hire a professional staging company and tell them you want a design that emphasizes comfort, style, and livability – and make it smell great, too!

Turn Your Social Media Profile into a Marketing Campaign

Social media is a great way to generate premarket appeal and hype. Use your Facebook or Twitter account to promote the house and the neighborhood that it’s located in. Take lots of pictures of your renovations and boast about the great changes you are making.

With some luck, your social media contacts will respond saying that they want to take a look at the house, or that they know someone else who does. Remember, you only need to grab the attention of one person to make a sale.