3 Ways to Make Your Roof a Selling Point

3 Ways to Make Your Roof a Selling Point

Although homebuyers don’t typically purchase a home because they fall in love with its roof, the condition of the roof is a key consideration in the sale and it can make or break a deal. Here are three ways to help make the roof of your flip a selling point, according to HomeLight—a website for finding real estate agents in the U.S.

Avoid layering the shingles. 

You may be tempted to “replace” your roof by simply re-shingling over the old one, but reconsider. While it may be cheaper and faster to do so, in the long run layering shingles can trap heat, add too much weight to the roof, and shorten the life of the roof by as much as 40 percent, roofing experts say.

Buyers, their agents, and home inspectors will make mention of a roof with two layers, and your “new roof” layer may work against you.

Strike a balance between quality and cost.

When installing a new roof you want to use quality materials without passing on a huge expense to potential buyers. So consider materials that are in a middle-price range. This can enable you to deliver a quality product that’s long-lasting and energy-efficient without passing along costs that may alienate some buyers.

Never try to get by with low-quality materials—buyers notice, especially if your roof is below the standard of quality of other homes in the neighborhood.

Check your roof periodically and perform necessary maintenance.

The attention you pay to the roof of your flip shouldn’t cease after a new roof is installed. From the time you replace the roof to the time you sell your property you should check the roof after every storm to ensure it remains intact and undamaged.

It’s easier and less costly to be proactive and periodically examine your newly-replaced roof for missing or broken shingles, and to make the necessary repairs, than it is to deal with water damage inside your home from water infiltration due to breaches that went undiscovered.