3 Tips for Selling a Property Quickly

3 Tips for Selling a Property Quickly

Published On: February 9th, 2016Last Updated: February 9th, 2016Categories: Hard Money, REIs, Selling

There is a lot more to flipping houses than a quick renovation. As an REI, you already know that you need to be ready to spend some real time and effort researching and marketing your property well before it’s time to list it… but what can you do to help ensure that it moves quickly and doesn’t hold you up from finding your next great deal?

Price Your Property Competitively

The price is the first thing a homebuyer notices, so before you list your property, make sure your Realtor® has given you a CMA. Now is the best time to rely on your Realtor’s guidance – he or she knows the market and what your investment property is up against, so you can rest easy knowing that your agent will help you price it properly. (Your Realtor doesn’t want the property to sit on the market any longer than it needs to, either!)

Stage the Property

Staging is essential. You want potential buyers to envision their sofa, their bed and all their other belongings in the space, which means you need to make it neutral but inviting at the same time. Again, your Realtor will give you guidance on the proper way to stage an empty home… so follow his or her guidance.

Help Your Realtor Market the Property

Your Realtor will handle the heavy-duty marketing for your property, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Share the listing on your own social media accounts, put up flyers or put the word out by telling everyone you know… long before you’re even finished with the renovations.

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