3 Tips for Finding Great Contractors in Real Estate Investing

3 Tips for Finding Great Contractors in Real Estate Investing

Published On: December 19th, 2017Last Updated: December 19th, 2017Categories: Hard Money

Flipping houses and investing in real estate requires you to work with a great team – and that includes reliable, trustworthy and effective contractors.

But how do you find the best contractors?

3 Tips for Finding Great Contractors in Real Estate Investing

#1: Ask for References

Ask family, friends, your hard money lender and anyone else you can think of for referrals and references. Chances are pretty good that you know someone who’s worked with a contractor before, so use their experience to find one that’s going to work out well for you.

#2: Interview Three (or More)

Ask plenty of questions when you’re interviewing contractors, and make it a point to talk to at least three. (More is better, even if it is time-consuming. You’ll save yourself plenty of time down the road if you find a good one now.)

#3: Find Out What the Contractor Will Do and What Subcontractors Will Do

When you settle on a contractor or two, find out which work they’ll do themselves and which work they’ll subcontract out. You can ask for an employee list to make sure that your contractor will have vetted people working on your projects.

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