3 Things to Look for in a Good House Flip

3 Things to Look for in a Good House Flip

Published On: December 23rd, 2017Last Updated: December 23rd, 2017Categories: Hard Money

If you’re going to flip houses for a living, you need the right hard money lender – but after that, you need to find the right properties. Here are three things to look for in a good flip.

3 Things to Look for in a Good House Flip

#1: Location, Location, Location

The key is to find a house in a desirable neighborhood. That’s where you’ll make the best profits (obviously). This can be tough in a slow-moving real estate market, but that’s when it can pay off the most, too. Research cities and neighborhoods within those cities to look for rising sales, job growth and other indicators that an area is doing well.

#2: Condition

You want a home that needs a little TLC but not a major overhaul. Make sure the homes you’re looking at are in fairly sound condition – the last thing you want is a money pit. The house should be structurally sound and have working systems (electrical, gas, plumbing and other systems, for the most part).

#3: A Decent Kitchen

Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses – any Realtor® can tell you that. You want a house that has a good layout and won’t require a major overhaul (especially if you’re just starting in this business).

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