3 Things to Ask an Electrician Before You Make a Hiring Decision

3 Things to Ask an Electrician Before You Make a Hiring Decision

Published On: February 6th, 2020Last Updated: January 16th, 2020Categories: Hard Money

Finding a good electrician can be a life saver – and if you’ve found a good one, hang onto them. While word of mouth is probably going to be one of the most reliable ways to find the electrician you need, if you’re new to an area (or that great electrician has work lined up for the next decade and you need a job doing now) then you’ll need to do some legwork. Along with all the obvious questions – are you licensed? Are you insured? – here are a few that first-time-flippers may forget.

What does your estimate actually include?

It’s important to know if your electrician is including fixtures and fittings or whether they’re just quoting for the labour. Since the total cost of high-end sockets and switches can be little short of eye-watering, you need to know exactly what your electrician is including in his bill. And make sure you find out who is going to be covering the cost of repairing drywall that gets damaged during installations – chances are, it’s you.

Are you going to obtain the relevant permits?

Electrical work will need to be checked by a city inspector before it can be signed off as safe. It is the job of electrical contractors to pull the relevant permits – not you. If an electrician is trying to wriggle out of this, move on.

Does the work come with a guarantee or warranty?

You want to know that what you’re paying for is going to be guaranteed by the person performing it – if not, you might want to search for an electrician who promises to come back and fix mistakes.

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