3 Sustainable Property Upgrades to Maximize Millennial Interest in Your Flip

3 Sustainable Property Upgrades To Maximize Millennial Interest In Your Flip

Published On: April 18th, 2019Last Updated: June 19th, 2019Categories: Flipping, Home Improvements, Home Upgrades, TaxesTags: , , ,

Millennials are the largest group of homebuyers and they have a strong tendency to be attracted to homes that have sustainable upgrades. Here are three sustainable property upgrades that really appeal to the eco-conscious Millennial homebuyer:

Heating & Cooling Upgrades

Hi-tech thermostats are incredibly appealing to most Millennials. Nearly half of all energy use in the average US household is attributed to heating and cooling. Hi-tech thermostats help reduce these energy costs. Before paying for a hi-tech thermostat, check with your energy provider. Some offer low cost, incredibly energy conscious thermostats and they will install them for you.

Insulating your house flip with newer, better insulation is another great investment. If you do this, point this out to the potential buyers. Most millennials know the value of an insulation upgrade. While you’re at it, take a look at your furnace and air conditioning unit. Swapping out an old model for a new model or even for ductless mini-splits can be a real attention grabber for Millennial homebuyers.

Reclaimed Wooden Floors

Reclaimed wooden floors are the ideal way to grab the attention of a Millennial homebuyer. Not only are re-claimed wood floors eco-friendly, but they are so gorgeous that they are considered Instagrammable. Reclaimed wood floors add a rustic look to the entire space. Millennials are not looking for the shiniest, newest flooring. They find reclaimed wood to be incredibly handsome in addition to the allure of being ecologically sound. Plus, reclaimed wood almost never emits VOCs like newer flooring may. Millennials know all about these things and are sure to be impressed with your choice to install reclaimed wooden floors.

Solar Panels

This is not a cheap investment, but adding solar panels tied into the home’s electrical system is certain to be a highlight of your home. It will absolutely make your home stand out to the newer homebuyers. They also know that the cost of the energy that is saved by using solar panels will translate in their ability to afford a higher price tag on the home.

It’s absolutely not the easiest or cheapest investment, but it will have the greatest impact and they will add significant value to your home flip.

Keep In Mind: The solar investment tax credit (ITC) which you may also see called the federal solar tax credit lets people deduct 30 percent of the cost of installing the solar system from their federal taxes. Plus, this tac credit applies to both residential and commercial systems.  Learn more about this credit from the IRS here.

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