3 Organization Apps Every House flipper Needs

3 Organization Apps Every House-Flipper Needs

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If you’re flipping houses, these are the must-have organization apps that will help you streamline your processes.


Sharing pictures and files between companies and individuals could not be easier and more professional than through Dropbox. Sharing and saving progress photos into organized folders is much more professional and orderly than rummaging through old text message threads, and professionals from many businesses use this as their main workhorse for sharing data. All photos, text, audio and other media are instantly shared with added users once dropped into Dropbox. It’s a really cool app that makes perfect sense for flippers. Dropbox also has a new feature called paper, similar to Google Docs, where users can all collaborate on the same workspace and drop relevant YouTube videos, for example, shower tile combinations, Pinterest boards for interior decoration ideas, and anything else that may need team collaboration without being too cumbersome to find in separated files. What’s more, Dropbox seamlessly integrates with other popular apps like Gmail for the easiest uploading and downloading.


ToDoist is your all-encompassing to-do list which perform a whole host of tasks, like:

  • Remind you (or someone else) to call someone else on a specific date. “If flooring guys not done by today, then call them and remind them that we’re on a tight deadline.”
  • Relegate tasks to different contractors or coworkers by sharing each item to a different person
  • Create recurring events, like, “Every Monday check the Oak St. property progress”
  • Separate each task into various projects (Oak St. property, Main St. property, Flooring, Roofing, Countertops, etc)
  • Add priority levels to sort by highest priority needs

ToDoist is the only app which does all of this will beautiful visualizations.


Expensify is awesome for keeping track of expenses. It lets you scan a picture of your receipt and store them all in one place for later auditing. It helps automate your pre accounting process revolving around expense approvals and reimbursements and it integrates with Quickbooks! Expensify is a must-have for any flipper and is used by huge companies like Snapchat, Pinterest, Square, Stripe, the Tribeca Film Festival and the Miami Dolphins, to name a few.

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