3 Must have Kitchen Appliances to Sell a House

3 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances to Sell a House

Published On: January 11th, 2020Last Updated: January 16th, 2020Categories: Hard Money

The kitchen is hands down one of the most important rooms in a home. It’s where families come together, and buyers are looking for a kitchen that is both practical and stylish. There are some appliances you should really think about if you want the kitchen in your flip to have the edge.

Make space for a dishwasher

Don’t forget to push the fact that not only do these save time spent arm-deep in soapy suds, they’re also saving the planet. A full dishwasher uses significantly less water and energy to clean the same amount of dishes as hand washing, and in today’s eco-conscious market this is a big plus point. Who knew being lazy could help save the planet?

Choose a designer cooker hood

It’s easy to make a striking focal point in a kitchen by using a stylish cooker hood, and these days there is something for every design. Satin black hoods compliment an industrial-themed kitchen, glass and chrome are perfect for a modern design, and gorgeous rounded brushed-metal hoods complete the cosy look of a country kitchen. Or go all out with a simply stunning copper range hood.

Time for wine

The wine market in America has more than doubled in the last fifteen years, and every state now produces its own tipple. Including a wine fridge in a kitchen is an affordable way to add a dash of luxury, and with lockable options on the market it’s a great way for parents to keep curious hands away from the wine.

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