3 Kitchen Countertop Materials to Consider in Your Flip

3 Kitchen Countertop Materials to Consider in Your Flip

Published On: January 27th, 2020Last Updated: January 16th, 2020Categories: Hard Money

A beautiful kitchen can sell an entire house, and it’s worth investing some time to really think about the perfect material for your countertop. With so many options out there, here are a few that can add a serious talking point to your flip.

Marvel at Marble

Expensive, yes, but timeless, classic, and it will last for generations. The highest quality white marble countertops will set you back around $200 a square foot, but with no two slabs of marble the same you are getting a unique finish to your kitchen. What’s more, marble is a surface that will truly tell the story of the people living in a home: it absorbs the oil from their hands, has marks where it has been bumped or scratched, and over the years will take all those perfect imperfections and be a part of the home’s history. What better selling point for those looking to buy their home for life?

Be Wowed by Wood

A must-have if you’re going for the country-kitchen look, and they also look fantastic alongside black industrial fixtures and fittings. Wooden countertops can be as little as $40 a square foot but, like marble, can be as much as $200 a square foot if you’re looking at exotic woods and custom sizes. Wood will add a lot of warmth to a kitchen, and if you’re after as natural a finish as possible there is nothing better. They do take a little maintaining to ensure they are sealed against spillages, but a well-loved wooden countertop will last for decades.

Love That Laminate

Some people wince when they think of laminate countertops, but they’ve come a long way since the cheap and cheerful options of the 70s. They’re economical, practical, and good-looking. You can choose laminate that looks like granite (and it really does look like granite), brushed metal, wood, marble – you name it, they’ve made it. An excellent choice if you’re watching the pennies.

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