3 Home Showing Tips That Get Buyers Interested

3 Home Showing Tips That Get Buyers Interested

Published On: March 22nd, 2020Last Updated: March 12th, 2020Categories: Hard Money

When you’re selling an investment property, you’ll work with a talented, knowledgeable real estate agent – but there are a few things you can do around the house to interest buyers.

Here’s what you need to know.

3 Home Showing Tips That Get Buyers Interested

  • Add furniture
  • Make sure your curb appeal is on-point
  • Highlight upgrades

Here’s a closer look at each.

#1. Add furniture

Selling an empty house is hard. You want buyers to envision themselves living there, but that’s tough to do when there’s no furniture they can use for scale. Consider investing in some furniture you can move from house to house, borrowing some or even renting it. That way, buyers can see what a house would look like if it were lived in – and they’ll easily use their imaginations to swap out your furnishings for their own.

#2. Make sure your curb appeal is on-point

Buyers start forming an impression of a house long before they set foot inside, which means it’s important you make that first impression a good one. Power-wash the sidewalk, spruce up the house numbers and make sure the light fixture on the porch isn’t dated. Invest in a new mailbox if necessary, and ensure that every street-facing window (and all the other ones, for that matter) is completely spotless.

#3. Highlight upgrades

If you’ve made upgrades to the home, such as adding granite counter tops or putting in energy efficient appliances, point them out – or ask your real estate agent to do so . All the improvements you’ve made should go in the house’s online listing, too, so buyers know what they’re walking into.

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