3 Hard Money Lending Myths Busted

3 Hard Money Lending Myths Busted

Published On: January 6th, 2016Last Updated: January 6th, 2016Categories: Hard Money

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably heard quite a few myths about hard money lending. How much do you really know about it, and could it be the right solution for you?

Hard Money Lending Myth #1

One of the most common myths about hard money lending is that it’s a sub-par method of securing financing.

However, that’s simply not the case. Most hard money lenders have their clients’ best interests at heart. Hard money lenders are in the business of helping their clients succeed; that’s what leads to repeat business and referrals – and that’s how businesses succeed.

Hard Money Lending Myth #2

Another prevalent myth about hard money lending is that it should be used as a last resort.

Hard money loans are for real estate investors and others who can see the big picture. Hard money lenders typically understand the real estate market, and they’re willing to work with their clients to finance projects quickly.

Hard Money Lending Myth #3

Some people believe that the hard money lending industry is unregulated – but that’s simply not true. There are a number of state and federal laws designed to protect consumers, which helps ensure that you are safe from predatory lending processes. This is particularly true when you work with a hard money lender in Atlanta with a sterling reputation.

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