3 Design Tricks That Make a Bathroom Look Cleaner

3 Design Tricks That Make a Bathroom Look Cleaner

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3 Design Tricks That Make a Bathroom Look Cleaner

On your next flip give potential buyers a bathroom that’s not only beautiful, but one that’s designed to make dirt less visible—which can mean less scrubbing, less often. Consider these design tricks to deliver just that.

Large Floor Tiles

Consider using larger tiles on the floor and in the shower. Bigger tiles means less tiles needed to cover surfaces, which translates to fewer grout lines between tiles. This is a good thing because when grout becomes stained and aged it can make a clean bathroom appear less so. So reducing grout lines on your floor and in your shower can help keep your bath looking fresh and clean in the long haul. An added benefit is that bigger tiles can also make your bathroom appear larger than it really is.

If there’s room in your budget you might consider using stone slabs in the shower stall. While large tiles are a great move, stone slabs offer an even more seamless look that can further reduce grout lines.

Stone With Lots of Movement

Stone tiles with lots of veining and movement, like some styles of quartz (a manufactured stone) and Carrara marble, can not only add elegance and a touch of drama to your bath, but the veining can go a long way toward masking soap scum in between deep cleanings. A shower that’s clad in heavily-veined stone slabs can do double-duty in helping a bath to maintain a clean appearance.

Black Grout

A bathroom with black grout lines between tiles can immediately put you ahead of the game since black grout can work wonders for keeping visible dirt to a minimum. Black grout can coordinate well with fixtures in a matte black finish—a finish that’s not only timeless but happens to be very on-trend.

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