3 Design Features That Make Any Bathroom Look Larger

3 Design Features That Make Any Bathroom Look Larger

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3 Design Features That Make Any Bathroom Look Larger

Kitchens and baths sell houses—you know this firsthand from your experience as a house flipper. However, if the bathroom in your current project is somewhat on the smallish side consider incorporating these design features to make it appear larger without having to increase its footprint.

Floating Vanities

In a small bathroom it can sometimes be a challenge to give buyers an ample amount of storage and at the same time keep the space looking as roomy as possible. A floating vanity can strike the perfect balance. It can provide plenty of space to store toiletries and other essentials while keeping the floor beneath visible, which minimizes the appearance of its footprint. Floating vanities can also give potential buyers more foot room—so important when you’re trying to make the most of every inch.

Maxed-Out Mirrors

Mirrors make the walls they cover virtually disappear. Consider installing a large vanity mirror with an elegant frame, or customizing a mirror and carrying it wall-to-wall and up to the ceiling over your vanity to visually double the size of the room. Custom wall-to-wall mirrors are especially effective in small powder rooms, since they won’t require much glass to cover the wall—allowing you to open up the space without busting your budget.

Glass Shower Doors and Panels

Glass shower doors or panels can be elegant and sophisticated ways to make your space appear larger. Although shower curtains can be drawn open they still denote a separation of spaces, whereas a glass door allows your gaze to travel uninterrupted from one end of the room to the other, making it appear larger. For privacy you can install frosted glass, which can still let lots of light through. Since an increasing number of homebuyers are showing a preference for showers over tubs, you might consider installing a shower stall and nixing a tub altogether, which can save on space.

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