2 Things You May Not Know About Bedroom Additions

2 Things You May Not Know About Bedroom Additions

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2 Things You May Not Know About Bedroom Additions

If you’re thinking about adding a bedroom to your flip you may be aware of certain requirements that must be met for it to be considered a legal bedroom, like minimums for square footage, ceiling height, and egress. But here are two things you should also know if you plan to increase the number of bedrooms in your flip.

Your bedroom addition doesn’t require a closet

Contrary to what many people may think, in most states you don’t actually have to have a closet in your bedroom addition for it to be considered legal.

Of course you wouldn’t want to stiff a homebuyer of a closet—it could kill a sale. So it’s imperative that your bedroom has one—and make sure it’s as spacious and as functional as possible.

In some states an additional bedroom means you must increase the capacity of your septic system

If your flip is not connected to the town sewer, you should be aware that your house cannot have more bedrooms than what your septic system is designed to handle. For instance, if you have a three-bedroom septic system design and you add a fourth bedroom to your flip, you cannot list the house as having four bedrooms if you have not increased the capacity of its septic system.

You may often purchase flips “as is,” or sometimes site-unseen, so be aware that it’s possible to buy a house that has four bedrooms by definition, but does not have a septic system that’s designed to handle four bedrooms.

So, to verify an accurate count of bedrooms in your flip you should obtain a copy of your property’s “septic system as-built” drawing, which a septic designer completes after the system has been installed. It depicts your septic system in relation to your house and property boundaries, and will tell you how many bedrooms the system is designed to accommodate.

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