8 08, 2018
  • Investingin a historic home as a rental property.

Should You Invest In A Historic Home?

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Historic homes offer significant ambiance and beauty. Obviously there are downsides. The natural materials mean more maintenance. Depending on the time period in which the historic home was built, it could also feature hazards like asbestos or lead paint making DIY repairs a little more risky. Additionally, if the home is located in a historic district, you'll face limitations as to what kinds of upgrades you can even make. Sometimes, even window upgrades are restricted which means that your tenants may face higher heating bills. Still, people who are interested in living in historic homes generally expect that challenge. To

30 07, 2018

Allowing Pets on Your Rental Property

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When you advertise your rental property as "no pets allowed," you run the risk of eliminating many renters. Allowing pets makes for a larger prospective pool of renters. Plus, a majority of those renters with pets actually make more money on average. According to Practical Apartment Management, by Edward Kelly, more than six out of ten pet owners earn over $50,000 a year. On top of that, since it is hard for tenants to find different places to live that accept pets, when they find a rental home that allows pets, they usually stay longer. Plus if you do allow

29 07, 2018

Community Gardens For Rental Tenants

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One very progressive concept some landlords across the nation have committed to is community gardens run by and for the tenants. One of the dreams behind home ownership these days is the satisfaction of growing your own vegetables. As a landlord, you can help tenants who are far from the goal of home ownership find some satisfaction by installing some raised beds for participating tenants to use as a community garden. The only effort you technically need to put forth is arranging the agreement of this co-op and installing the raised beds. The tenant do the rest. A garden might

17 07, 2018

Investors: Have You Heard Of Rent Auctions?

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  If you own rental properties, you've got to hear about this latest concept: Rent Auctions. Typically, you check comparable rental units in the area, check market reports and do your best job at setting the price of rent in your rental units. Right? Then, you advertise the rental unit for the price that you think is the most accurate rate. Consider this though. One South African start up company began a rental listing and management service. Instead of just declaring the rent, landlords have the option t o allow potential tenants to bid on the opportunity to rent a

16 07, 2018

Should You Manage Your Own Investment Properties?

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When you own an investment property, you have a big decision to make. Should you manage your own property or hire a property manager? Ultimately that decision will depend on a number of factors. Is it even feasible? Managing Your Own Investment Properties Property managers have several responsibilities. Here are the basic services offered by property managers that would become your responsibility if you manage your own investment properties: Respond to emergency and repair calls from tenants. (Remember, this could mean a call while you're sleeping or in another meeting.) Co-ordinate repairman visits. Finding tenants to place in your rental

23 06, 2018

North Carolina Evergreens For Hedges And Screens

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Are you looking for North Carolina evergreens for hedges and screens for your rental home? Certain evergreens do very well in North Carolina. Here's a few that work well that you might consider for your rental property. One of the best hedges for North Carolina are holly varieties. Nellie Stevens, Oakleaf, Festive, Needlepoint and Robin all look nice with dark green leaves all year. In the fall and through the winter, they each produce red berries. They aren't slow growers either. They grow at a moderate rate and work well as either a hedge or a screen. Grow them in

16 06, 2018

When To Walk Away From A Potential Real Estate Investment

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Successful real estate investors know when to walk away from a potential real estate investment. They know how to spot the signs of a bad investment. Every deal isn't going to be worth the time, money and effort. So, here are some tips to know when to walk away from a potential real estate investment! Make sure your income potential is immediate. Don't invest for some "huge payout" at some indefinite date in the future. Lack of income documentation on a rental property. If a seller is selling an existing rental property, make sure you see proof of rental rates,

10 06, 2018

Average Atlanta Rent Growing Three Times Faster Than National Median

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According to a report on Atlanta rental trends, the city's rents are growing substantially. The price of rent in Atlanta is growing three times faster than the national median. Three times! Meanwhile, as noted previously, Atlanta home prices are going up steadily. This may lead more people in Atlanta to rent rather than buy. Even still, homes in metro Atlanta are in the bottom quarter of the most expensive cities, so many investors find these conditions perfect for rental property investments. The rent prices people are willing to pay are growing three times faster than the national median. These increases

29 05, 2018

What To Plant Under Pine Trees To Spruce Up Your Rental Property

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If you're not sure what to plant under pine trees to spruce up your rental property, we have the perfect idea! Not many flowers do well under pine trees. Many landlords just add some mulch and be done with it. Yet, well pruned pine trees with flowers beneath them are beautiful. The pine trees' needles increase the acid in the soil, so few plants can even survive. Creeping phlox loved the increased acid in the soil. It's suitable for hardiness zones 4 through 8 and is beautiful! Creeping phlox forms a large mass of color in the spring with a

27 05, 2018

What If Your Rental Property Gets Bed Bugs?

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Some things you can't prevent, like the possibility that your rental property could get bed bugs. What happens if a tenant moves out and you're left with the bed bugs they brought with the in their furniture? Here's the bad news: It costs upwards of $5,000 to inspect, clean and exterminate the average home severely infested with bed bugs. The good news is that when the rental home or apartment is empty, eliminating bed bugs can be less expensive and less of a hassle. Calling an exterminator is the easiest option, but you can take additional steps on top of