Are you utilizing your commercial building to its full potential? Is every possible square-inch of the space making you money? If you think you have maxed out on your property’s monthly cash flow—have you thought about going up? If you have a structurally sound rooftop that is up to code—why not let that unused space put cash in your pocket?

Atlanta’s climate and percentage of sunny days make rooftops another avenue for income. People love to spend their time outdoors, especially if you can offer a great view. Depending on what your rooftop has to offer—there are lots of opportunities you can look into.

Rooftop weddings, events, and pop-up restaurants are quickly becoming popular in the Atlanta area. If your space can accommodate—you could partner with a wedding and event coordinator—who may be in search of the perfect venue. Using your space for temporary pop-up restaurants not only generates extra income—it helps get the names of up-and-coming chefs out to the public.

If you’re not interested in having the added liability—you could make money by going green. Although it won’t make you rich—you could rent your extra space to an urban gardening group or even an energy company. There are plenty of urban farmers who are looking for sunny roof tops to help feed the community. Another option would be to discuss renewable energy sources with your power company. They may be searching for places to install solar panels and would pay you for it.

Before marketing your unused space—make sure it is inspected and up to code. Take the time to consider multiple things such as surface parking area, accessibility and restroom availability—all dependent on what you would like to offer. Your once empty area will soon […]