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16 06, 2018

When To Walk Away From A Potential Real Estate Investment

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Successful real estate investors know when to walk away from a potential real estate investment. They know how to spot the signs of a bad investment. Every deal isn't going to be worth the time, money and effort. So, here are some tips to know when to walk away from a potential real estate investment! Make sure your income potential is immediate. Don't invest for some "huge payout" at some indefinite date in the future. Lack of income documentation on a rental property. If a seller is selling an existing rental property, make sure you see proof of rental rates,

9 06, 2018

Atlanta Ranked Number 10 For Extremely Healthy Real Estate Market

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  Atlanta's real estate industry is booming. If you're a property investor near Atlanta, you probably already know this. Atlanta was ranked number 10 for its healthy real estate market. See, WalletHub compared over 170 cities in the United States. Though Atlanta took 69th place among those cities for job opportunities and competition, the real estate market still thrives! If you're an investor or if you flip houses, Atlanta can be one of the most profitable cities to focus on. Besides WalletHub's ranking, this year, Forbes and Local Market Monitor listed Atlanta among the cities where growth appears most sustainable. The Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta

7 06, 2018

Hard Money Loan Property Requirements

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Interested in learning more about the hard money loan property requirements? You've come to the right web page. As a legitimate hard money lender, we have specific hard money loan property requirements. Keep in mind, we are a direct hard money lender. We are not a brokerage service. So, we know exactly what we're talking about in the specifics of these residential guidelines. Hard Money Loan Property Requirements If you're interested in a hard money loan to flip a house or for another residential investment purpose, the following are our hard money loan property requirements. First mortgage lien only Loans

17 05, 2018

Heads Up About Fulton County Property Tax Bills

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If you're thinking about an investment property in Fulton County, you should be aware that the Fulton County Board of Assessors announced a 25 percent median increase in the year's home appraisals. Last year, Fulton County residents complained about drastic assessment increases. After those complains, Fulton County decided to keep assessments the same as the year before. Still, that won't work this year. See, according to law, tax assessments must be close to market value and Fulton is doing very well. Still, in Fulton County, the board of assessors did tell the public they would investigate properties that might have

11 05, 2018

Atlanta’s Entry-Level Homes In Extremely High Demand

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It's a great time to flip houses in Atlanta: Atlanta's entry-level homes are in extremely high demand. Across the nation, the housing inventory is historically low. Plus, over half of the available homes are consider on the high end price-wise.  A mere 22 percent of homes on the market right now are considered entry-level homes. In Atlanta, entry-level homes are even less available. A mere 13 percent of all homes in Atlanta are entry-level homes. Keep in mind that many homes out there are out of reach for first-time home buyers, because they can't pass an inspection. Sometimes, it's for

6 05, 2018

Southwest Atlanta May Be In For Serious Economic Growth

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  Just a heads up to our property investors following out blog: Southwest Atlanta is likely about to experience some expanded economic activity along the Westside Trail and the are around the transportation corridor. See, Atlanta Beltline officials just announced a new affordable housing project in Adair Park. Amenities for the $15 million project include a picnic area and a community garden. These days renters flock to developments with community gardens, so it's a smart plan. Other investors are also interested in the vicinity. Check out properties around Beltline’s Westside Trail and Urban Farm and near MARTA’s West End station.

30 04, 2018

Property Tax Relief In The State of Tennessee

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Let's talk about the State of Tennessee property tax relief program. Tennessee offers tax relief to certain eligible homeowners for all or part of paid property taxes. The tax relief isn't an exemption. Homeowners still get a property tax bill and are still responsible for paying property tax each year. The amount of tax relief varies. The amount of tax relief issued by the State of Tennessee depends on the property assessment and the county or city tax rate. It might not be the same every year. Most property investors know, but this tax relief is only available for people's

29 04, 2018

Standard Deduction Increases for 2018, Freeing Up Some Extra Cash For Renters, Home Buyers

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Just a heads up: This year, changes to the federal tax law bring increases to the standard deduction that people can use when filing their 2018 taxes. Most Americans, including renters and home buyers of your investment properties claim the standard deduction, avoiding the hassle of itemizing on their federal tax returns every year. For 2017, the standard deduction for a married couple was $12,700. Next April, the standard deduction for the same couple will be $24,000. Generally, this means a lower tax liability for the average renter or home buyer. Additionally, the Child and Family Tax Credit doubles per

23 04, 2018

U.S. Conference of Mayors Projects Atlanta Population Growth: Nearly 9M Residents Within Next Three Decades

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Within the next three decades, Atlanta's population is expected to be nearly nine million people! Projections from a U.S. Conference of Mayors believe that Atlanta will leapfrog over large metros like Philadelphia and D.C. to become the U.S.'s sixth largest city. Projections for our city indicate that Gwinnett will become the largest county in the region. Fulton County would come in second. Also, the Hispanic population is expected to more than double. Meanwhile, residents age 65 and older is expected to more than triple! This indicates that Atlanta may be a great choice for investors. Investment properties for both residential

6 04, 2018

2018 North Carolina Building Code

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The Building Code Council adopted the 2018 North Carolina Building Code at its quarterly meeting in June, 2017.  The 2018 North Carolina Building Code (Except Electrical) will go into effect no later than July, 2018, according to the state's website.  At that point, we'll see a minimum six month over lap where either the 2012 NC Code or the 2018 NC Code is acceptable. So, when is the new code fully active? According to the state's website, on January 1, 2019, the new code becomes the requirement. Meanwhile, the 2018 Electrical Code went into effect this month. "The Base Documents