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14 08, 2018

Recognizing Big Problems With Distressed Properties

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Sometimes distressed properties sold "As-is" come with some major problems. Do you know how to recognize them? If you intend to invest in a distressed property, these are important issues that you need to know about. Head into the bathroom. Bounce a little on the floor near the sink, tub and toilet. Is there any give? That can be a major indicator of water damage! Grab a high powered flashlights and check underneath the floor if possible. Look for stained wood or joists. Find out when and why that damage occurred and get your answers in writing if you can!

12 12, 2016

Flipping a “Hoarder” House: Is It Worthwhile?

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If you recently purchased a home as-is, you may be just finding out that the previous owners were hoarders. If your deal of a lifetime includes trash (or worse) from floor to ceiling, you’re probably wondering what plan of action you should take. What to Do With a "Hoarder" House If you’ve assessed the home and think there may be some buried treasure—hey, it’s been known to happen—it may be a good idea to hire a cleaning service that you’ve depended on in the past. Having a contractor you trust (especially if you think there may be valuables) will be

7 12, 2016

What is Due Diligence in a Real Estate Transaction?

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If you’re interested in purchasing commercial real estate, make sure there is a due diligence period included in the contract. Not only that, but you must take advantage of this period to the fullest; you don’t want time to slip away from you. What is Due Diligence in a Real Estate Transaction? Due diligence is the period of time a buyer has to investigate the condition of the property and all the paperwork that comes with it. A seller is required to disclose any issues that may be of interest, however, they are not always known at the time, or