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Your Credit and a Hard Money Loan

Sure, credit matters.

But there are many good people who have terrible credit scores (and vice-versa).

What that means is that those good people are often ignored by lenders, and in many cases, the reasons behind their poor credit are far beyond their control.

So what happens if someone with bad credit wants to get a rehab loan?
Bad Credit and Rehab Loans in Atlanta
When someone with bad credit attempts to get a rehab loan through a traditional lender, the lender may not even look at his or her circumstances. In those cases, turning to an Atlanta hard money lender is typically the best option.


Because a hard money lender, even if they check your credit, is really looking at the most important factor: the value of the house.

In many cases, a hard money lender is able to fund a loan when the applicant has poor or less-than-perfect credit because what really matters is how much the property is worth. Remember, in a hard money loan, the property serves as collateral.
Should You Apply for a Hard Money Loan With Bad Credit?
Don’t let your credit score stop you from applying for a hard money loan. In fact, we may be able to help you if traditional lenders have turned you down. While bad credit can be a challenge, you can overcome it.
Do You Meet Our Loan Criteria?
If you’re thinking about applying for a hard money loan through Paces Funding, check to ensure that you meet our loan criteria. Our loan amounts can be up to 65 percent of the after-repaired value of the collateral—and if you use the loan for renovation or construction, the loan amount can be based on the collateral’s improved value.

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Construction Hard Money Loans

If you’re like most people, coming up with money quickly for construction ventures isn’t always easy. There are many ways to try to obtain money… but are they all practical? Here’s why considering a construction hard money loan may be your best bet.
About Construction Loans
When you’re looking at ways to fund a building project, you could try to obtain a loan from a bank or mortgage lender, take the crowdfunding route, or get a construction hard money loan.
Traditional Construction Loans
Traditional construction loans are funded by banks and mortgage lenders—but they may not be as easy to obtain as you think they are.

If the lender approves you based on your credit and other strict criteria, you’ll be able to take advantage of a short-term loan that must be paid off by another mortgage loan. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll be paying a high interest rate during the construction phase. The loan approval process can be very lengthy, and most conventional lenders require a lot of detailed information (and a hefty down payment).
Crowdfunded Construction Loans
Crowdfunding for real estate investments is becoming more popular. These are a good source of funding if you’ve been denied by banks; however, most serious individual investors need proof that they’ll see a return on their investment—and that you’re not a huge risk.
Hard Money Construction Loans
Construction hard money loans also require a down payment, and you’ll face some high interest rates, but your chances of getting funded are significantly higher. Hard money lenders typically don’t require all the information the banks do, and the process is usually faster.
Construction Hard Money Loans in Atlanta
If you’re looking for a hard money loan in Atlanta, we may be able to help you.

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    The Real Reason Your Construction Loan Was Denied by a Major Lender

The Real Reason Your Construction Loan Was Denied by a Major Lender

If your bank will not approve your construction loan, you may feel as if it’s because of something you’ve done. In reality, however, you are most likely part of a growing trend. We’re going to crunch the numbers for you to identify why you are not alone, and what you can do about it.

As the reports from the FDIC show, bank-approved real estate loans in general have been on the decline for years. The third-quarter report for 2015 shows that real estate loans accounted for less than 3 percent of all bank activity – that’s not much, especially when considering construction loans accounted for over 7 percent of all bank activity in 2010, just 5 years prior.

Using the FDIC report generator, you can see for yourself that the banks made over $3 billion in profits from real estate loans in the third quarter of 2015 (the most recent report available). However, of the $3 billion, construction loans only accounted for $249,000. This number is very small to begin with, but it is down more than $100,000 from the same time 5 years ago.

Bottom line, this trend shows that construction loans are simply not making enough money for the banks to take them seriously. They are too risky of an investment for banks, and the real estate market is not strong enough to guarantee a profit for the banks if they were to seize a property. As a result, they often won’t touch these types of loans.

Instead, banks want to focus on the largest construction contracts possible so that they can minimize the risk and generate the most money at once. Fortunately, you can choose to work with a hard money lender instead of wasting […]